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The Mediterranean cuisine is popular worldwide for offering dishes that are delicious and extremely nutritious. Its healthy aspect lies on the use of fresh vegetables, fish and premium quality meat creating meals that are tasty and good for you.

At Zorbas restaurant we are inspired from the traditional Mediterranean recipes and we combine them with contemporary concepts of the international cuisine as well as with local herbs, spices and homemade sauces, so that you discover new exciting flavours and aromas in everything you select to taste.

All of our recipes, starters, appetizers, main course meals and side dishes are homemade and the products we use are being produced locally.

This is why our recipes, from our exquisite tzatziki, to our refreshing salads and the traditional main course meals as moussaka, pastitisio, mussels and octopus, are so delicious and popular among new and old Zorbas restaurant’s friends.

A jar of olive oil and a wooden spoon with olives on a table

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We are inspired by the traditional Mediterranean recipes. We combine them with contemporary concepts, creating meals that blend perfectly the past and the present.