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Thassos , “the emerald of the Aegean” as is commonly known, is one of the most beautiful islands in northern Greece. The turquoise waters that surround the land, the golden sand beaches and nature’s green all around the island, create an exotic holiday destination.

Thassos boasts a friendly vibe, a relaxed atmosphere and a free-spirited heart that creates carefree summer moments.

Yet, the wonderful beaches, the delicious local tastes and the numerous choices for entertainment, are not the only gifts of Thassos to you. Its great ancient past and valuable heritage is visible via the monuments that stand proud to this day in various areas of the island.

Explore all Thassos’s gifts this summer.

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Boats in a bay on Thassos island, Greece

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Thassos, the emerald of the Aegean, unfolds the most spectacular summers.